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Wow, that’s me: Runner of the Week over at Courtney’s blog. Please, click here to check it out; you might find out something about me that you didn’t know.

And, a friend of mine just sent me a picture of my most recent 5K, finishing in 21:27. How does my face always end up so smushed in finish photos? Is it really the wind pressing my nose and chin into the back of my head?

Author: Cynsspace

I am a 50+ mother of two boys, a wife, a dog owner, and teacher. Mixed in between, I train to stay competitive as a Masters Runner in the Canadian racing scene. This is my story "Cyn's Space" - the good, the bad and anything else that comes to mind.

6 thoughts on “Runner of the Week”

  1. Very cool that you are runner of the week! I think it's a great picture–and you and I could not be any closer on 5k times!

    As to the Garmin question–I went with REI b/c they have a good return policy. I've heard a few stories of people's watches having issues, so I thought I'd play it safe. Even the 110, which I got and which is entry level, ran $199. They are ridiculously expensive!

  2. Great pic! How's the running up in Canada, eh? I used to spend a lot of time in the Oakville/St. Catharines area during my summers off – beautiful up there!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

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