Wacky Wednesday: Age Groups

At Sunday’s race, I was surrounded by younger runners, and the ones I noticed the most were the pony-tailed cross-country and varsity runners.  I tried to get away from them, and I tried to catch them.  And I chased women whose faces and affiliations I couldn’t see.

It happens at every race.  I run after girls or ladies, wondering if they are in my age group or a Master.  In the summer, when bare legs are showing and hips aren’t compressed by winter tights, it is easier to tell.  At this time of year, though, it can be a guess.  

After I finished Sunday’s 5K, I asked Kevin where he thought I was in the standings.  “Do you think I was one of the top masters?”

“I’m not sure,” he replied.  “Maybe.  The girl in the green?  Did you catch her?”

“No, I tried but couldn’t.  But I don’t think she’s over 40.”

“It’s hard to tell.  You don’t look 50 either.”

“That’s because I’m not!” But I bite my tongue. “I have 6 months to go.  Don’t age me any faster!”

After some runs, 50 can’t get here soon enough.  Right now, I’m perfectly content being 49 and chasing girls in ponytails.

Author: Cynsspace

I am a 50+ mother of two boys, a wife, a dog owner, and teacher. Mixed in between, I train to stay competitive as a Masters Runner in the Canadian racing scene. This is my story "Cyn's Space" - the good, the bad and anything else that comes to mind.

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  1. Great blog post…..chasing the girls in ponytails….LOL Thanks for the giggle! I do that towards the end, I check out the females running around me and try to figure out if they are in my age group, I always hope they aren't!

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