Testing 1, 2 and 3

September 28, 2015 Cynsspace 2

Since mid-June, I have had my eye on the prize at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box: the Chicago Marathon.   I’ve run hundreds of […]

Just Keep Running

September 21, 2015 Cynsspace 0

Yesterday, I breathed a sigh of relief.  I was almost at the end of my last week building up to the Chicago Marathon.   Running-wise, I […]

What Was I Thinking?

September 14, 2015 Cynsspace 1

As much as I love the marathon distance, I have never really entertained running a fall marathon.   I have a classroom to set up, students to […]


September 2, 2015 Cynsspace 1

The excitement of back to school is in the air.  My boys have spent the past two weeks organizing their gear, trying to guess which […]

Running Like A Kenyan

August 31, 2015 Cynsspace 0

This week, I faced what was probably the biggest challenge of my marathon training of the summer: finding time for the long run.  My schedule was busy enough […]

Time to Refocus

August 24, 2015 Cynsspace 0

I don’t know why I love training for the marathon distance.  I’ve always been one to take on a challenge, as long as it’s reasonable; training […]

The Daily Double

August 21, 2015 Cynsspace 0

One of the joys of marathon training is watching your weekly mileage grow and grow and grow.   There comes a point, though, when my body […]

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