Product Review: Noxgear Lighthound Vest

Waiting in her Lighthound vest.

Last November, my husband came home after walking Zeda and commented on a light that another dog in the neighbourhood was wearing.  “It’s great,” he said. “You can see it all the way down the street.  I want to find out where she got it.”  A week later, we had a Noxgear Lighthound vest for Zeda and a Tracer 360 vest for him.

Keeping visible as we walk by a busy plaza.

I was in complete favour of putting the Lighthound on Zeda.  We live in poorly lit community.  If we stay in the residential section, I know how hard it is hard to see us as I have trouble seeing pedestrians, dogs and cyclists too.  When we walk on the busier main roads which are better lit, we have to deal with drivers who rush to turn left or right and don’t expect to see someone walking in the dark .  It can be especially dangerous when we pass the Tim Horton’s and the McDonald’s drive-throughs.

Shadow walking

Every morning, Zeda and I are out for her morning walk – always in the dark and sometimes as early as 5:00 – and every morning, she wears her vest.   We change the colours around to match my mood and her collar, which makes it fun.  The lighthound has kept her (and me) safe. Drivers see us and always (and I mean always) give us the right of way; this never happened before.

I cannot say enough good things about Noxgear.  Their product is excellent and their customer service is top-notch.  If you are out and about with your furbaby in the dark, I highly recommend you get one.

PS: I now have a Noxgear vest to run in too, but that is another post.


Review: goodr sunglasses

Back in April, I first saw goodr sunglasses on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the fun colours.  However, l have learned that there are many things that I see on the web and can’t find in Canada, so I just oogled over them from afar and became more and more envious of every runner I saw sporting them in an Instagram post.

It wasn’t long, though, until The Runner’s Shop  posted that it is the only Toronto retailer selling goodr glasses.  My heart jumped, my fingers twitched and typed, and I soon had my own pair in my hands.

So why Goodr?  First, I love the colour; it is fun, bright and cheerful.  I also love the reflective lenses because, when I am outside and  talking to students at school (or dealing with the odd issue that can come up), it means that students are drawn towards the bright pink frames, but they can’t see my eyes.  As a teacher, this is a true benefit of the glasses and should also be mentioned with the other details on the box.

As a runner, I really like that the glasses do not bounce or slip.   I do, though, sometimes have difficulty with the lenses.  When I wear goodr sunglasses running on the road only, I can see well, but I have trouble differentiating between the sidewalk and road when I am wearing them and running from one to the other*; I always feel compelled to slow down so that I don’t fall flat on my face (because I have done that before and it was disastrous).  I don’t know if this is due to the reflective lenses, but I don’t have this problem with other sunglasses that I wear while running.  (I should point out that I have the same trouble when I am running under different types of light, such as moving between shade and sunlight, which I am told is due to aging eyes.)  So, when I am wearing my goodr glasses and running, I stay on the road and adjust my pace when I need to move on or off the sidewalk.

Goodr makes an affordable pair of sunglasses that is giving me my money’s worth.  At $39.99 Canadian, I can wear them to school, while I run at lunch, at the pool, walking the dog, driving….the list goes on and on…and I don’t worry about them.  I dropped them once, a lens fell out and I popped it right back in; there wasn’t even a scratch on the frames.

Pink Sunglass Day? Who knew?

In my house of boys and men, I love my Goodr sunglasses.  And I love that I got the pink as I don’t have to worry about someone accidentally wearing them – unless it happens to be Pink Sunglass Day.


Disclaimer: the views and opinions mentioned above are solely the opinion of the author’s.  No form of compensation was provided.

Cold Winters; Warm Feet

A Saturday morning surprise – lots of snow to plow through on a long run.

One of the things I love about living in Canada is being able to truly experience all four seasons – until we get into the coldest days of the winter.  Then, life as a runner isn’t all that great.   Some days it means sliding, not running, along sloppy snow/slush-covered roads; others entail running straight into a biting wind that hurts your face;  and, then, there are the days that it is so cold that you don’t just see your breath, but your lungs can also feel the thickness of the air while you run.   Fortunately, we haven’t had too many of these days but, when we do, everyone complains.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to layer for the different types of winter weather that we can get; what we can’t double or triple, though, are our socks.  It is so important to wear the perfect pair.  Like summer socks, I want something that is comfortable, blister-free and, if possible, a more anatomical fit.  In the winter, I want all of the above and warmth.  This season, I finally found the perfect sock.

During the break, I went to the Running Room to replace what has been my go-to winter sock: double-layered and blister-free.  I pulled them off the rack, only to put them back.   They didn’t feel right.  The quality wasn’t there any more.  Clearly, it was time to make a change.

I scanned the walls and noticed Feetures brand, a product that I have seen quite a bit in sporting goods stores. I hadn’t heard anything about their socks, but I was pulled towards the packaging.  “No blisters” and “merino” on the winter running socks had my immediate attention; “lifetime guarantee” kept it.  These weren’t cheap, though.  In fact, they were about $10 over my budget.  But these socks wooed me.  They were a soft wool, had a L/R foot anatomical fit, and made promises that most long distance runners would succumb to.   These seemed to be the right socks.  Lured by their cushioning, warmth and promise to keep me blister-free, I bought them.   All I needed was another cold snap so that I could try them out.

Within days, Mother Nature dropped the temperatures for us.  Since purchasing my Feetures, I have worn them three times and they have not disappointed my feet.  The fit is great and my toes have not felt cold at all, which is unusual for me.  Yesterday, I ran in them for 21K in a windchill that gave us -20C temperatures and the Feetures winter running socks did everything they claimed they would and more; they made me want another pair.


***These opinions are solely my own.  This blog post is not endorsed or sponsored by Feetures.