Out the Window

I wake up every morning and look out the window, searching for the noisy birds that chirped me awake, checking the roads and sidewalks for rain, glance around the neighbourhood to see how busy the streets are – my own way of judging whether or not I can get a few more minutes of sleep.

At night, I lie in bed and still find myself looking out the window. I watch the clouds blow past the moon as my youngest slowly sets himself to sleep. I wonder when the neighbours will finally go inside for the night. I periodically search for a sign of Dave riding down the street on his motorcycle.

Like any other day, this morning began with my window. And I’m certain that it will end with it too. And, an important part of the day is also out the window – my plans to run.

I put a lot of effort into today’s run: the boys had their swimming lesson; we visited the fish store – as promised; I picked up pizza for a late lunch – as promised; they had their bath and I got set to run, only to find the baby jogger hanging from the rafters in the garage. Suddenly, my plans went out the window. Frustrated? Very.

Like the birds, that opportunity to run will come back tomorrow. I just have to look at the window at the right moment to find it.

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