Running Skirts – Product Review
Last year, I stumbled upon Running Skirts while I was on Facebook. I loved what I saw: a fashionable, sexy look to running. Later that month, Runner’s World arrived in my mailbox which just happened to have Running Skirts on the cover. “Great,” I thought, “They’ve found me.” After reading a very positive review about their skirts, I knew I wanted one. But, online shopping is not my thing so I drooled and waited and drooled some more.

This spring, when previous skirts were being cleared out, I ordered two (I was paying for shipping anyway so two seemed to be a better idea). Now, I have to compare this to getting my hair highlighted when I have waited and waited for weeks and, once it’s done, I wonder why I waited so long. Running Skirts feel comfortable (One gal likens it to running naked. For me, that’s really stretching it; unless you’re 3, how could running naked possibly be comfortable?), and they also have a silky, soft and sexy feel to them that creates a feeling of power.

The owners of the company are twins who run – and these gals are fast. Being runners themselves, they know exactly what women need and want for training and racing; this lets them design like no other company has been able to before. They have created running skirts for all seasons (the sub-zero skirt with tights is coming out this fall), a general athletic skirt and a quickly becoming popular maternity skirt. Like their products, their customer service is excellent.

Many women who wear Running Skirts never go back to shorts. Me, I tend to save my power-suits for Race Days only. But, if I’m having a day when I have to drag myself out for a run, I pull on a skirt and my whole attitude changes. For me, it all boils down to how you look; when you look good, you feel good and you run great.

Coming soon: Running Skirts tops and jog bras review.

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  1. I have been tempted… do you have to pay customs and duties and brokerage fees or are those included in the shipping costs.

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