Brrr, it’s cold out there.

I do not like cold weather at all – and I especially do not like it today. I woke up this morning to find temperatures dipped to 17 below (plus windchill) and decided to wait until mid-afternoon to run.

Even the dog didn’t want to go out today. Chase headed out the door right after breakfast, stood in the backyard and started barking, loudly enough to wake the neighbours who had the luxury of sleeping in. I rushed to grab him, worried that he might have a raccoon or other critter trapped. But, no. There he stood in the middle of the yard, barking away at Mother Nature. Chase came inside quickly when I called him, and this atypical behaviour convinced me that it was definitely cold out there. But, he insisted on going out again shortly after. On the third try, he finally stopped barking and found the courage to lift his back leg; nothing froze.

So, if my dog is complaining about the cold, what hope is there for us humans? Well, we can layer our clothes and hope that our mittens really are warm enough for the harsher temperatures. But, when I’m outside, I most certainly will not be standing around; I’ll be running as fast as my lungs can push me.

Like Chase, I’ll likely have a word or two to say to Mother Nature but I’ll save it for when I get home. Does anyone have her e-mail?

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