What Moms and Runners Have in Common

Bathrooms and laundry: they can’t be avoided in the world of running and mothering. Today, my 4 year old made me realize that.

Recently, he has been getting into a tiny bit of trouble – the 4 year old kind of trouble – at school. Today, he called a friend a “poopie-head”. On the way home, I reminded him that poop, pee, bum – they are all pottie-talk words and we only use them in the bathroom. “Ma-um,” he replied, “you forgot about diarrhea.”

Then, once he got home from school, he rushed upstairs to change into his playclothes. This was a first! He came down, quite proud of himself, in pants and a matching t-shirt.

“You look great!” I commented. “Where did you find those?”

In my laundry basket,” he answered, “but don’t worry. I put the rest of my clothes back in the basket.”

Somedays, I just have to pick my battles.

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