Olympic Dreams

The past two weeks have really made me think about our Olympic athletes – about their natural talent, their work and drive to become our nation’s best and the sacrifices they have made to get there. I can only imagine the amount of hours they have given up from family and friends and the choices they have made about education and careers.

As a mother, I am constantly making choices – not sacrifices – to chase my own dreams. Do I run tonight or do I help my son with homework? Should I wake up my sleeping child so that I can put him in the baby jogger or should I run tomorrow instead? Which race does the family want to do (how far is the drive? is there a kids’ event? what swag will we share?)?

On Tuesday, I finally did something I had been putting off for weeks; I bought new running shoes. Between the boys, the boys’ activities, work, desperately trying to maintain some sort of order in the house, and store hours, it has been next to impossible to find the time to shop for shoes. So, on Tuesday night, after a friend picked up #1 for choir practice, I sacrificed my sons’ nutrition. Instead of grocery shopping, I decided to take #2 with me to the Running Room. Within ninety minutes, I had not only calmed him down from a major temper tantrum, but I was also able to drive downtown, buy shoes, and return home before #1 got back from rehearsal.

Like the Olympians, I made a sacrifice. I was tired of my feet hurting once I hit the 7 mile mark so I did what I needed to do; I went shopping. I then prayed that their teachers were not in the habit of checking my boys’ lunch bags, as I now had no choice but to feed them packaged cereal bars, apple sauce and crackers the next day. What was I thinking?

Okay, maybe comparing myself to an Olympic athlete is a bit of a stretch. I guess I’ll have to wait until the Mommy Olympics arrive.

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