The Snow Princess

This is not about some new Disney princess; it’s about me.

For the past few years, I’ve wanted to run the Princess Half in Disney. However, there are several prohibitive matters:
1. Location – Disney World is in Florida, a 2 day, non-stop drive or 3 hour flight from Oakville, making it a logistically difficult race to attend.
2. Work – Our March Break begins on March 12, 2010. As a teacher, it is difficult for me to justify taking this time off work.
3. Boys – Of course, I would have to take the boys to Disney, but they would end up missing school. Now, they might not be upset about this, but Mom and teachers would.

So, Disney – at least for this year – is out of the question. Instead, I’m staying put and running the Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington, Ontario, named after the typically cold temperatures and the distance. Between my wish to run Disney and plans to run the Chilly, it only seemed appropriate to dub myself “The Snow Princess”.

Ironically, after putting on my crown, the snow started to melt. In the past five days, temperatures have soared from zero to 10 degrees celcius. The Princess has requested slightly cooler temperatures than the 12 degrees predicted for tomorrow as she hasn’t had a chance to really acclimatize, but her pleas are being ignored.

So, the Princess will rise to sunny skies and her support crew – Daddy and the two boys – will take her to Burlington. There, she will run 13.1 miles while her Prince and children wait. They will cheer for her, meet for her at the finish line and take her home to the comfort of a hot shower.

That’s the way some days should be: all about me.

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  1. My husband is a teacher and it definitely makes planning for whatever a little more complicated. Hope your half-marathon was/is a huge success. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  2. I am a teacher too and our vacations don't seem to mesh with a lot of races I want to do. I am dying for our next year's calendar to come out so I can at least plan my fall marathon. I have been reading about the Disney Princess on other blogs and wishing I was there. Hope you had a good half marathon at home!

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