I’m not a quitter

Thanks everyone for your advice on Around the Bay. Since running last week’s half-marathon, I’ve been consumed with the thought of running this 30K race. However, for the first time in a long time, my race thoughts have been negative, not positive, and that is very much unlike me.

Why am I worried?
1. I ran the half-marathon in 1:49 and didn’t feel ready for the race. I know I’m not ready for the 30K as I haven’t run anything more than 21K.
2. Even with March Break this week, I can’t suddenly build mileage to 30K – even with the help of my fairy godmother.
3. Daddy’s job at night and the boys’ back to school will continue to make getting out a challenge.
4. Oh yes, and I work full-time too.

So, I am not running the 30K. But, I am not a quitter either. So, I have re-evaluated my goal for this race, which I initially registered for as a means to build my mileage, and I am running 13 to 15 miles. I have to look at the course map and figure out where a better pick-up spot is for my husband so that I’m not stuck walking the last few kilometres in; then, I’ll know what I’m going after.

Whatever it is, I know that I am ready. After all, I just ran a half last week and can easily get 2 comparable runs in between now and the 28th.

And, I did meet my goal: my mileage is higher this winter than in any other for the past 15 years. So I got what I wanted out of Around the Bay. It’s all good.

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