Mid-March in Shorts

In my running life (about 2o years), running in shorts in Ontario at this time of year is absolutely unheard of – unless you’re Scottish and are use to running in shorts all year round, no matter how cold or damp it is, or unless you’re just plain tough. This week, though, there have been a lot of people running in shorts as mid-afternoon temperatures have been hitting the mid-teens. Today, it was my turn to don shorts and it felt great.

This was my first run with the boys since September and this led to a negotiation between #1 and me over the distance, resulting in a decision of 4 miles instead of the six miles that I had planned. After all, he reasoned, this was his first ride since the fall and his bike is starting to be a teeny bit too small, making the long 1 kilometre hill at the end more difficult. It wasn’t worth arguing over another two miles, especially when I had a 9 year old who was keen to ride his bike while his mom ran. Heck, that would be worth cutting the distance another mile – but don’t tell him.

And, please, don’t let him know that I also quickly caved to lower mileage because #2 was coming along too. Affectionately described by his grandfather as the child who is in perpetual motion (until he finally falls asleep), my now 4 year old, almost 40 pound child could not wait to get into the baby jogger. This meant I was going to be pushing 60 pounds (about half of my body weight), uphill for a good part of the run and into the wind (which I later learned was just over 30Km/hr). After a winter of running solo, going a bit shorter today didn’t bother me at all.

The three of us headed out with #1 taking the lead and #2 talking non-stop, wanting to know when we could stop and he could have his turn to run.

Balance. I ran, oldest biked and youngest got his 500m run in at the end. Life is good.

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