Call Me Crazy but…

Last night, I faced the winds (27km/h) and rain to get 10 miles in before Sunday. I decided I wasn’t going to push myself; all I wanted to do was log the miles.

But the last two miles were awesome and I couldn’t hold back. The wind was now behind me, and it drove me home. For the first time in a long time, running was effortless. In fact, I had to tell myself to slow down and was grateful for the two traffic lights which forced me to stop.

Much later that night, sometime after midnight, I was wired. Runners’ high had set in and I was itching to go again. I thought about the weekend in Hamilton and wondered if I should run all 18 miles.

Without a doubt, I am ready for 13 miles and, given some of the tough conditions I’ve done those runs in, I can probably run 15. But after running last night, I really think that I can run the whole 18 miles without beating myself up. (Mind you, my time would likely be slow and that would beat me emotionally.)

Now I’m torn. Do I run 15 miles or push for 18? I can’t decide the day of as I need to work out getting home from nowhere rather than meeting the boys at the finish line. What do I do?

Being indecisive like this is not typically my style. It is, though, a “women’s perogative to change her mind.” Perhaps, if the running shoe fits….

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  1. Oh, but this is 18 miles – not 18K. I can do 13 miles, feel comfortable to push for 15 miles (especially when my only goal this winter has been to increase distance), but it is a huge jump from 13 miles to 18 miles. What to do, what to do?

  2. I say do the 18K….I like to go for broke…..LOL
    I see your are running the Mercedes 10K, have you ran it before? What do you think of the route? I am thinking of running it as my first race, I am running the Hazel 5K in May but would love to try the 10K in April. Not sure if I'm nuts or not. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and love your blog!

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