Changing Goals

Years ago, I had a “to do” list, an itemized visual cue of tasks that I had to do in their order of importance. It wasn’t long before that list had a second dimension – a horizontal one. Looking back, that list is symbolic of my life. There is always something to do but other things that seem to be just as important come up; priorities change. I find that I’m constantly juggling balls in the air.

So it should really be no surprise that I changed my distance to run in Hamilton this weekend. I had hoped to be ready for the full 30 kilometres (or 18 miles) but my back injury in February and life just got in the way. My heart wants to push through 30K, but my head (and, sadly, the wisdom that comes with aging) is telling me to take it easy. I do not want to end up injuring myself as this would also have a negative impact on my boys, my work and my running.

Yes, I am running shorter – 15 miles. That will take me beyond the 13 mile mark so my winter goal of increasing distance is achieved. It takes me closer to a strong baseline for fall marathon training. I was able to train for this distance while balancing family and work, and, for the most part, I went to bed each night physically, emotionally and mentally strong.

Besides, being the competitive person that I am, I can now register for a Good Friday 5k race and give it everything I’ve got. If I run 30K, I definitely would not be racing 5 days later.


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