Just Go Out and Run

Last Friday night, I registered all three boys and me for a Good Friday run: The Good Friday Road Races in Burlington. The initial plan was for the 2 boys to run the 1K Bunny Hop, for me to run the 5K and for Daddy, who gets home at 2:30 a.m. to watch. However, when I saw that it was only $5 more to register Daddy for the 5K, I signed him up.

My main reason for doing so was to get a new pair of DeFeet running socks. His extra $5 is less than half of the cost of the socks. Knowing how he is constantly losing them in the black hole of our washing machine, it seemed like a good idea.

However, I also signed Daddy up for the 5K because of the comment he made weeks ago about wanting to run a fall marathon. Since that statement, he has run about 3 times. Somehow, he needs to realize that he actually needs to get out there and run. I am hoping that the Good Friday race will give him a good kick in the pants.

Now when I first told him about my plans for the family, Hubby balked. “You’re crazy!” he explained. “How am I going to run on Friday morning when I just got home from work?” Well, at least he’s getting socks (and only socks, heehee).

Last night, I got home itching to head out for a recovery run from Sunday’s 30K. Daddy also wanted to run. Believe it or not, I didn’t fuss over this at all and sent him on his way. Then, when he got back, he admitted to being slow, having to stop and not quite running 5K.

“Who cares?” was my loving, not callous, reply. “So, you get up Friday morning and run 5K. Just do it and don’t worry about your time. Then, you can only run faster at the next race. At least, you are doing it.” And, then, I added, “And if you don’t, you’re not getting your new socks!”

So, it looks as though all of us will be there dressed to run. And, it looks as though someone already has his socks picked out.

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