Some Days

Some days, running just isn’t in the cards. Yesterday was one of them- and that was the only thing that I wanted to get done. However, there were other things that had to get done: groceries, haircut for #2 and homework, lots of homework. Yes, once again, the gods of motherhood put a stop to my plans for a run.

Normally, that would really upset me. Don’t get me wrong; it did tick me off but after running 30K last week (by accident), I knew that I needed an easy week. And, in the back of my mind, I remembered that my time off running during and after pregnancy has probably been one of the things that has kept me free of running injuries. So, time off after a hard race has to be good too, doesn’t it?

Today, like yesterday, the only thing I wanted to accomplish was a run. This time, though, work interfered. After school, the joys, er duties, of motherhood got in the way again. Then, there was choir practice. Yes, I have to revolve my runs around my oldest son’s schedule to sing and play the piano. By 8:00, we were finally home and I got dressed to run.

But the tears started. My youngest, who I had hoped would be asleep so that I could escape quietly, started to cry. He wanted to come too. Then, Number One also got upset; he wanted some exercise (apparently, he didn’t get enough during gym class). So, for the sake of harmony, Daddy pulled down the baby jogger, Number Two put on his winter jacket to keep warm, and my oldest donned his cycling gear. Besides, how can I argue with my boys who want fresh air, exercise, and a bit of time with Mom?

Then, there was peace. Within two miles, my son was sleeping soundly in the baby jogger; my oldest was happily pedalling ahead, lost in his thoughts; Daddy was alone in a quiet house. And I got my run in – twenty-four hours later – but it got done.

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  1. I know that all too well. Funny, my monday post was about balancing everyones schedule to get everything done that needs to get done, including my running. Its hard at times but it is bitter sweet when we actually accomplish everything……glad you were able to get out and have a nice run!

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