What to Wear?

For the first time in a long time, I am totally stressed about what to wear in a race: the Mississauga Half-Marathon in mid-May. I thought I could just wear one of my RunningSkirts but Mother Nature has been playing games and I have a feeling it is going to be a colder morning. The 7:30 start means that I’m going to be standing around in cooler temperatures no matter what, and I hate being cold.

I could simply layer over top and peel everything off in the last 10 minutes before the start but that means getting rid of clothes – and I like my tights. Wrapping them around my waist (thanks, Michelle) would only annoy me. Daddy and the boys said they could pick them up around mile 2 or 3 but, let’s face it, Daddy doesn’t have a good track record for being where he said he would.

So, RunningSkirts new capri skirt looks like a good option – tights for more warmth but still lets me run in a skirt. I am a bit concerned, though, that they are below the knee as that may not end up being too comfortable at a faster pace. A good friend also cautioned me that “a real runner wouldn’t be caught dead in a capri skirt” and I do like to think of myself as a real runner. Perhaps an athletic skirt with shorts underneath would do. That would give me a skirt and some warmth.

When it comes right down to it, I could raid my dresser and find something on the night before the race but that’s just not as much fun. Besides, it’s been a tough week at work and I need some retail therapy (even if it is online). Please, help me shop. What would you wear?

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  1. I also hate being cold but I hate being too hot when running and I'm with you, anything tied around me would annoy me. I need to buy one of those skirts, too cute, I say skirt and put up with the cold πŸ˜‰ Good luck in Mississauga. I am running the 5K the night before! I'd like to hear about the 1/2 route, hoping to do it next year.

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