Let’s Go, Mom

I thought I was going to sell my baby jogger this spring. When my first child was four years old, I did sell my first baby jogger; running with him had become really tough – to the point where I wasn’t enjoying having him tag-along anymore. Well, I wish I had known I was 8 weeks pregnant when I said good-bye to it. No wonder I was tired!

Last August, Number Two, who was nearing 4 years and almost 40 pounds, was also becoming harder to push – especially when facing winds close to 30Kph (not uncommon here). Remembering how hard it was to run with my first son when he was 4, I was sure my baby jogging days were over.

When I pulled the jogger out of the garage for the first time this spring, Number Two couldn’t wait to jump in. I don’t know if I was more surprised by his willingness to be pushed around (and, do note that there is a reason we do no longer use the word “baby” when referring to our jogger) or my ability to still run with him. Regardless, it was clear that I have another season of core-strengthening running ahead of me.

Last weekend, it has HE who wanted to go for a run. We had just got home from grocery shopping and he ran to my room, opened my dresser and started to pull out my running gear. “Here, Mommy. You can wear this top – your princess top,” he said as he handed me a hot pink strappy top from Running Skirts. “You’ll look like a princess.”

On Tuesday night, I was off for an evening run at 8:15 and tears started when he realized he was going to stay home with Daddy. “I want to go for a run too,” he cried. It was clear to me that he would fall asleep in the jogger so bringing him with me didn’t seem like a bad idea at all.

I planned to run today in the late afternoon but Mommy duties got in the way. Sure enough, tears started again and I wondered how long it would take him to run upstairs to my room to find my running clothes. After promising that we could go after dinner, he calmed down.

And after dinner, he was the first one ready to go. Dressed in his jammies and winter jacket (yes, it’s that cold), he hopped in and told me a story about Batman and his superhero friends for the first mile. By mile 2, he was dosing off; he was asleep when we got home.

Thank goodness for the baby jogger (shh).

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  1. Love this. You are my hero. I seriously do not know how you can run pushing one of those. I had one years ago when my daughter was a year old & I cursed that thing daily.

  2. to answer your comment/question about what i decided with the crazy pool i go to: since i paid for a full year in advance, i can't just up and leave so i'm experimenting with different times. today, i will go after work, around 3:30-4 and see how that goes.

  3. Ahhhh…so sweet. And such a tough spot for you–when your husband is home and you can actually run by yourself, the little guy wants to come along. But you know what? I miss the time I used to have w/ my kids in the jogger. It's so short. So enjoy it while you can (but still sneak out on your own from time to time!)

  4. My littlest seems to love the jogger, middle one didn't really like it and the first one…well we didn't have a jogger just a regular stroller (umbrella no less). He went willingly in that uncomfortable thing for a very long time. God bless him!

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