It’s Happening Again

Next Sunday, I’m running in the Mercedes-Benz 10K and I’m looking forward to it. I ran it last year, in its inaugural year, and finished respectably despite my lack of training. Since it is my hometown, and we only have a few races each year, I just had to go back again. And, of course, I’m bringing the boys (even Daddy is ready to get up for another early morning event) and have registered them for the kids’ runs.

But last week, my oldest was told that the youth choir is singing at church on the same morning. Now he had been looking forward to the run but, of course, he would rather go to sing than watch his mom run. So, we’ve made arrangements for Number 1 to go to Church with a friend while Daddy, Number 2 and I head downtown for our races.

Disappointed? Yes.
Do I understand? Yes.

And, as a friend said, “Let me get this straight. You’re upset because your son wants to go to Church?”

Every cloud has a silver lining.

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  1. I think that is great! I give my daughter the option of going to church or not (most of the time) because I want her to want to go. I am always so glad when she wants to go.

    You both will come home with great stories to share. So it's a big win for everyone!

    Run strong at your race!

  2. I'll send some “no rain” vibes your way. Nice how your run will be quality family time together. Even nicer that “Son #1” is going to sing in the youth choir at church. Also, thanks for being a loyal follower of my blog. šŸ™‚

  3. Anabela, glad you're going to be there. My youngest is doing the Toddler Trot and he is a little firecracker when it comes to running; it will be fun.

    Sunday is still a long way away. Hopefully, the weather will change. It poured last year; it may be the theme of this race.

  4. Oh no….sorry he won't be there but he is going to church šŸ˜‰
    Did you see what the weather is currently calling for on Sunday…..yup rain….not good. My daughter is very excited to run the 1K with me, should be fun after running the 10K…LOL Hopefully I will see you there and good luck!

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