It’s Friday

Today, the phrase “It’s Friday” had true meaning for me when I went to pick up my race kit for Sunday’s 10K.

Let me recap a bit. On Monday, I had a meeting after work, followed by a long run. Now, I was fighting a cold so I didn’t want to push on the run so ran 10 miles (not the 12-13 I wanted) at a comfortable pace. By Tuesday, my cold was worse, my chest ached and I wanted meds.

After going to the doctor on Wednesday, I started a round of antibiotics (which are kicking in quickly) but have some rather uncomfortable side effects. The doctor said that he hoped I wouldn’t end up with a loose tooth, and that shocked me as I’ve never had problems with my teeth while on this med.
“A loose tooth? Really?” I asked. “I’ve never had that problem before.”
“No, no,” he clarified. “A loose tooth,” he said again. “A loose stool.”
“Oh.” And, sure enough, it has been a problem so running has been off since Monday. This is definitely going to make for an interesting race.

Tonight, I went to pick up my race kit and stood in line with the “O’s” and letters surrounding it. Suddenly, I moved over to the “S” group and waited. After 2 minutes, I realized that “S” was my maiden initial. I’ve only been married for fourteen years so, yes, it’s Friday.

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