Ready or not, here I come.

After a busy week at work and being sick, I’m feeling anything but ready for tomorrow’s race. It will be fine but my goals have completely changed. I was hoping to finish as a top Master runner; who knows if that is doable. I was aiming for a speedy run; now anything under 45 minutes will be just fine. So, really, I’m not all that enthusiastic about tomorrow morning.

And, to make things even more interesting, the temperature has dropped and the rain is suppose to start in the wee hours of the morning, leaving us running in 8C, rainy weather. sigh…

However, there are only 1500 runners and someone will win a Mercedes Benz for a year. That’s right – a car. Maybe my number will come up then. Think “905” all night and all morning long for me. Send good vibes my way:)

Tonight, I’m going to sit down and get caught up in my blog reading. There were two days this week that I didn’t even turn the computer on at night so I’m sure some inspirational, motivational moments can be found in blogworld.

First things first, though. I’ve been thinking about chocolate chip cookies all day; I have a craving that must be satsified. And, if I throw in some oatmeal, that will help me tomorrow, right?

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  1. Hope you have a great race…despite the crappy weather forecast! Sending mercedes vibes your way.

    I think it's a sign, my word verification is: “eticar” 🙂

  2. Hey-the great thing about her jewelry is it is totally designed for you. So she could include your occupation as well 🙂 hope your race went well!

  3. Have a great race! Sounds like you are feeling way better. Not so sure about what you should wear in 8C as I have no idea what that even feels like…native floridian(sigh). dang, i sure hope you win a Mercedes for a year. That's a worth while prize right there. Forget a medal or trophy…useless crap.

  4. Hey, Anabela: I have no idea what I'm wearing yet. I'm thinking a capri skirt but, if it's wet, I can't imagine it being too ocmfortable. It will be a day of bringing everything with me.
    Good luck tomorrow. Triple 8? Sounds lucky!

  5. Okay either “905” or “888” to win……LOL
    I am now second guessing what to wear for tomorrows race. 8C and rain is not what I wanted for my first race. Good luck tomorrow and hope you feel better. What are you wearing tomorrow?

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