Some Days I Should Just Roll Over

And, Sunday morning was one of them. The rain had started so it was already cold and wet. After dropping off #1 at friend’s house, I changed from my capri running skirt into a pair of tights. I really don’t like being cold.

If the rain wasn’t a sign, my weight should have been. Last week, I lost two pounds. Now this would be great if I were trying to lose weight, but I’m not. I figured it was just a result of the meds I was on.

But, I had already paid for the run and there was the potential of winning a Mercedes after; yes, the odds were high (1:1000) but we do need to replace the twenty year old Dodge sitting on the driveway.

So Daddy, youngest and I headed to the Mercedes Benz 10K for the cold and wet 8:30 start. I placed myself among the 45 minute runners, thinking I could finish in 42 or 43 minutes. However, by 2.5K, I was feeling overheated and ready to turn around to head back to the start; by 6K, I walked a bit to catch my breath (there went my goal of being first Master); at 7K, I walked again, and it was off and on for every 5 minutes or so.

As a teacher, one word I despise is “sucks”. It just drives me crazy. But, on Sunday, my race sucked. I finished in 50:38 – my Personal Worse. And, to rub salt in my wounds, Hubby stated that he could have done that and the first Master was just over 45 minutes. Three hours earlier in the day, I should have just rolled over and covered back up.

That night, I realized that my chest was tight and my breathing was low, meaning that air seemed to be going straight to my stomach (which explains some of the belching after my run). Looking in the mirror, I saw that my chest didn’t seem to be expanding when I inhaled the way it should be. Isn’t it funny how we runners tend to notice every little thing about our bodies?

Yesterday, I had a chest x-ray. Today, I was diagnosed with pneumonia and have started the horse pills. It’s time to take another break and think about what my next steps are going to be.

So, now I know why I had such a terrible race. And now I’m really proud of my time. Running a 50 minute 10K with pneumonia is pretty damn impressive, I think, and I can’t help but wonder “What if?”

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  1. Oh my gosh! Can't believe you have pneumonia. That totally stinks. Now for the sick runner philosophy–at least you have an explanation for your performance, right?

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