If Only They Could Talk.

Hey! What do you think you’re doing to us?

Who? Us?

Yeah, you guys up there – the two of you. Everything was fine and dandy a few weeks ago. We worked well together. But after that cold spell in the middle of April, you suddenly went AWOL on us.

We weren’t feeling well. We needed a break for a few days.

And you had a few days off. Wasn’t that enough?

Actually, no, it wasn’t. Unlike you, Sticks, I have to work 24/7. Even when you’re sitting around doing nothing, I’m working away trying to pull everything together.

But you had more time off the hard stuff just a week later.

It still wasn’t enough. Don’t you realize that it’s the two of us that drive your well-oiled machine?

Hang on here, Lungs. I work 24/7 too and I deserve some of the credit for making things work as well as they do.

Who said that?

Look to your left. I’m right beside you pumping away during every workout and training run. I’ve let Sticks and the rest of you raise the bar. But, unlike you, I didn’t just give up; I gave as much as I could.

Hey, you guys. Can you stop arguing with each other? I’m trying to get some rest.

Who’s that?

I’m up here; look way up. When it comes to who deserves credit, I think I should be included. I’m the one who brings all of you together, synchronizes you and lets you run after your goals. Really, it goes without saying that I’m the brains of this joint.

Ohh, the Brains. This should be good.

Stop bickering, and go back to bed. You all need to rest if you have any hope of running the Women’s Only race at the end of the month.

I guess she’s right.

Yup. We better listen to her. Good night, Sticks.

Good night, Lungs.

Sweet dreams, Heart.

Brains, remember to turn out the light.

Good night, all.

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