In Limbo

I don’t take time off from fitness well. If I were told not to run, I could handle it. Years ago (and I’m talking many, many years ago), when I was recovering from a groin tear (yes, guys, it was painful but nothing compared to childbirth), I cycled two hours a day or swam for one and rode for another. When I was pregnant, I cycled and walked daily. But doing nothing – that is just plain hard.

So, I’ve spent the past week looking at my race calendar for the spring and trying to revamp some goals. The Mississauga Half-Marathon on May 16th is now completely out of the question; I’ve switched my entry to the 5K run being held the night before. If today’s chest x-ray is clear, that might be doable. I’m still hoping to rock the skirt at the Women’s Only 5K in Toronto at the end of the month, hoping to follow last year’s fabulous top 10 finish.

I’ve already registered for these races so I still have hopes and goals. But, I can’t plan into June and the summer for races that I haven’t committed to. I need a clean bill of health before I can dream about the next event. Then, and only then, will I be able to think about rebuilding my base, pushing down my speed and, likely, changing my focus for the year.

Yes, my goals are based on one little picture. The power of science and technology.

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  1. You know what is best for you body and if it needs rest, it needs rest! I will see you at the Mississauga run. I was scheduled for teh 5K but changed it to the 10K but I may see you there! Good luck with the run and getting back to health!

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