Running with the Wind

Who would have thought that today, Mother’s Day in May, the temperature would be lower than the date? Certainly not me. I can’t ever remember it being this cold in May. Tonight I ran in 3 layers (2 shirts and a shell) to fight the 6 degree temperatures and the 37 km/h. winds. It was not the best day for me to pick to start running again.

I had planned to go out last week, but temperatures on Thursday and Friday were also low and it was damp, rainy or a combination of the two. I didn’t really want to push myself only to get sick again. Yesterday was sunnier but the winds were fierce; again, I was hesitant. Besides, I had Mommy duties to fulfill – like grocery shopping and getting the boys to soccer practice (My youngest pulled out his winter jacket, mittens and hat – once again). Standing around the soccer field was enough to convince me that I shouldn’t run.

But, today, I just couldn’t hold back any more. Friends told me this morning to take another day, but I couldn’t listen. My shoes were calling me. So, at 7:00 tonight, I layered up, Number 1 got on his bike and we headed out for 6K. It was my first run in two weeks since being diagnosed with pneumonia, and it was my first semi-decent run in 3 weeks.

How long did I run? I have no idea. Timing it wouldn’t have made any difference in how I ran, and it would have only frustrated me with how slowly I ran. I do know that I stopped 4 times; did I mention that the last half of my run was uphill? Did I mention the wind?

The hardest thing about starting running again is starting. I did that tonight and, while it was tough, I feel great. And now I can plan – plan on whether I should race this Saturday night (it’s too soon to tell), plan to push myself at the end of the month and plan on the goals for the rest of the summer.

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  1. NICE! Semi-decent is great any day of the week 🙂

    If it makes you feel any better about the cold, it is supposed to be 98 F on Sat in Phoenix. BLAH, going to make my long run HOT

  2. Over the years, usually after a running injury that has kept me from running for a while, i always cherish those first few “coming back” runs no matter how slow they are. I cherish those runs and appreciate being able to run even more. Glad you were able to get out there and feel good again. I'm amazed how cold it is where you are. Kind of hard to imagine when i'm sitting here in 80-90 degree weather already.

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