Ready to Go

After two busy days of work, parenting, and cold, cold rain, I was able to get another 6K in tonight. And this run? It felt good! I felt the rhythm in my feet and it was just fine. In fact, it didn’t seem too far off my usual pace.

So, now, I’m feeling ready to run a 5K on Saturday, which is completely opposite to how I felt on Sunday. In fact, on Sunday, while I felt good after my first run back, I was ready to just give up my dreams for the season and run short distance; tonight, I feel that I can probably get back to 13 miles by the end of June.

But my decision to run on Saturday night has created some stress. Saturday is prebooked with a birthday party in the morning, followed immediately by a soccer game for Number1 and a practice for Number 2. This means that I have to pick up my race kit on Friday night, and driving on Friday night is exactly what I don’t want to be doing with my little guys in tow.

I also have the issue of finding somewhere to “park” the boys during the race. I can take them with me, but I need a friend who can watch them while I’m running. Or, I need to find a friend who will mind them for a few hours while I take off to run. Man, juggling the dudes with Daddy’s work hours can be such a challenge. It’s time to start pulling out the favour cards.

Forty-eight hours to figure things out. I can do it, I can do it…

3 Replies to “Ready to Go”

  1. Nice, the runs are totally getting better.

    About your busy weekend: Sometimes you gotta take time for you – you know?

  2. i'd happily volunteer to watch your dudes if i were there so you could get your run on. Hold on to that rhythm in your feet and you are going to have a great 5K. Now that you've got that evil pneumonia out of the way, 13 miles base by the end of June is a doable goal. Positive mojo!

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