Dear Mom

Dear Mother Nature:

Thank you so much for providing me with such a milder winter. Having so little snow was great as it made it so much easier to run; all I had to do was dress for the cold – those sub-zero temperatures – and that gave me an excuse to shop. I even picked up an awesome turquoise tech. jacket so that I could run a couple of races, and I haven’t winter raced in years.

But, what happened? Really, Mother Nature, did you forget the code? We Moms have to stick together so how could you tease us with such a relatively temperate winter, only to replace it with a miserable spring? It’s been cold, wet, rainy…. Good grief, we have even had frost in the past week.

And, tonight, when I really had my heart set on running (with boys in tow. After all, I’m a mom first), you gave us rain – buckets and buckets of cold, cold rain. We had so much rain today that our track meet was even cancelled and, in all my years of teaching, that has never happened. So, really, Mother Nature, how could you do that to today’s youth?

We’re cold, Mom. We need drier days, we need heat, we need you to stop punishing us for whatever it was we did. It’s May 13, 2010 and I, for one, would really like to put away my winter clothes for the last time (until October, of course). And, if you could give us warmer days, I could probably find an excuse to buy some new summer clothes – perhaps a cute running tee.

Mother Nature, I thought you were on our side. Please, let the flowers start to grow. Please, let our kids get outside to play. And, please, please, let us be able to get out there and run.

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