Timing is Everything

On the way out the door this morning, while still trying to figure out how I could race tomorrow night with two boys in tow and, if doable, how could I pick up my race kit tonight after work, Number One asked, “Why does the girls’ bathroom have a napkin dispenser when the boys’ doesn’t?”
“Um, can we talk about this after we drop your little brother (aged 4) off?”

As we got into the car, the question was asked again. “Wait until we drop off your brother. Then, we can talk,” I replied. “By the way, how do you know that?” I thought it might have been lunch time conversation at school.

Apparently, on the night I took the boys back to school with me so that I could get some work done, my youngest had to go to the bathroom and big brother, remembering that the boys’ bathroom is yucky at the end of the day, took him into the girls’. He didn’t see anything wrong with this as, after all, we and the caretakers were the only ones there.

Sure enough, as soon as we left Number Two’s school, the question surfaced again. So we had a teeny little talk about periods and girl stuff – about as much as I wanted my 9 year old to know at this point in his life.

“Do you have any other questions?”
“No, I’m good. Wait! If you need it, then why do you have to pay for it?”

My oldest now has a job lined up working for the Ministry of Health.

Later in the afternoon, I got a hold of my friend, Liz, a runners’ mom. Speed is abundant in her family. Her 14 year old can run a 5K in about 19 minutes, her husband is in the low 20’s and the youngest, who has spent a few years chasing them, is quickly catching up. Her hubby and youngest are running tomorrow night, and she and the oldest (who had registered to run but isn’t anymore as he is racing finals this week at school) are going to watch. So, now I have someone who can mind my boys while I run. Tonight, after work, my guys and I headed out to Mississauga to pick up race kits for her 3 boys and me.

On our drive back to Oakville, I asked Number 1 if there was anything interesting in the race kit.

“Yeah, there is something you can put down the front of your underwear to keep warm!” he exclaimed. Number Two started giggling madly while I envisioned the two of them looking at a picture of a man’s delicately covered jewels. I did everything I could to keep my eyes on the road.
“They’re heat wraps for (he started reading) menstrual cramps. They provide 8 hours of heat! Air-activated, one time use… Hey! How do you go to the bathroom with this thing on? I guess you can because 8 hours is a long time and you’d have to go.”

All I could think about was what the pre-teen, teen and husband would say when I gave them their race kits. Perhaps I should have given Mom the heads-up when I warned her about the ugly green shirts they got. But, then, the unexpected can be so much fun.

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  1. HAHAHAHA. awesome. Just awesome. How come I am not running races with that kind of loot included!?

    that is one fast family. 19 min @ 14!? wow

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