Hazel 5K: Race Report

Thank you everyone for the positive comments after Saturday night’s run. I honestly didn’t think that I had it in me after being off for 3 weeks, with the exception of 1 lousy race (April 25, the day before I was diagnosed with pneumonia) and two short runs after being cleared.

I really just headed into the race because I wanted to get some value for my entry fee. After all, races aren’t cheap. For this one, the marathon and half-marathon runners were given a really nice technical shirt with their bib; we 5Kers got an ugly neon green cotton shirt – blah! Did they have to come back in style (for you younger runners out there, neon colours were very popular in the 1990’s)? As I looked at ugly shirt after ugly shirt at the race kit pick-up, I decided that it was only fair that I be given one of the tech. shirts. The girl at the 5K bib pick-up refused, saying that I was registered for the 5K and they were for the half. “But I paid for the half,” I protested. “I got sick and changed my entry to the 5K. I paid for the shirt so I should get one.” I shared the same story with the dude at the Half-Marathon race kit pick-up but I still got nowhere. Then, I went to the registration desk. “Absolutely!” was her answer. Yahoo! So, I grabbed an extra small for Number 1 to wear when he rides; he doesn’t know the rule about not wearing a race shirt if you didn’t actually run the race.

So the shirt alone gave me some sense of satisfaction. But being able to place 6th of 832 women was amazing. First, I had no idea that I was that far ahead as there were so many people ahead of me. Secondly, while I’ve placed better in other races, this was far more rewarding since I had just come off an illness. I’ve been hard on myself for the past few weeks, wondering whether I would be able to run competitively at all this spring. Now I know. And, finally, being Second Master, I earned myself a nice little gift card to the Running Room.

Tonight, three nights later, I’m still on a high from the run. Thank goodness that I had this positive to bask in as work has taken over my life for the past three days. Today, things are back to normal, I got out for a run, and I’m back in BlogWorld. Now, it’s onto the next event (which, by the way, is May 30).

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  1. nice work on the 6th place!!

    I would have never thought to keep asking – so good on you to not stop until you got the tech tee!!

  2. I feel that same high too. Can't wait to find my next race. Thinking another oly distance in july. I see your next one is another 5k…game on!! Even more time to build back up some more and kick some booty. I'm glad you got the dri-tech shirt for the race. Cotton t's should be outlawed!

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