Rock Your Socks Off Virtual Race

Today was the last day of The Rock Your Socks Off Virtual Race. The goal was to run 10K or the Half-Marathon distance on your time between Friday and today. Now, 6 weeks ago, this would have been a piece of cake; today, it was not. I hadn’t run 10K since being sick (my last 10K run, if you can call it that, was April 25th) so I knew this was going to be a challenge. In the same token, though, it was just what I needed to help my mileage climb back to where it was.

So, mid-afternoon, Number Two hopped in ready to help Mommy run. He loves coming with me because he gets to race me at the end. I love his company and the workout I get from pushing the combined 65 pounds of baby jogger and child. We ran with Number One and his friend on their bikes to drop them off at a third friend’s house and finished the last 4 miles on our own.

By the time we got to Friend’s house, I realized that this run was going to be much harder than I expected. The temperature had climbed again and I wasn’t ready for it. The warmest I had run in since last summer was 17C; today was 23C (high 70’s F) when I headed out – 30C (or high 80’s) with the humidex. So, not only did I have the extra mileage and extra weight to contend with, I had the extra heat too!

But this was my challenge run. For me, it was about doing it and about finishing it. Today, finishing was victory. We ran the course in just over 50 minutes (total running time, with a few walking breaks and traffic lights – some days, you’ve got to love those traffic lights) and still had energy to race Number Two at the end. Now, if I had 6 more weeks, I can be ready for the half. Are there any extensions??

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  1. Nice job on the virtual 10K! It is getting harder for me to run in the heat and humidity too. I just became a follower and am looking forward to reading more of your running journey:)

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