It’s All About Balance

Last week, one of my cross-country runners was walking towards his bus with his skateboard in one arm, his trumpet in the other and his backpack carrying his homework behind.

“That’s what I like to see: balance. A little bit of sports, a little bit of music, and a bit of homework to keep the brain cells growing.”

The twelve year old turned around and smiled sheepishly at me. He knew I was talking about him; he knew he was being praised.

As a teacher and a parent, it is important that I give my children – my own and the ones I teach – what opportunities I can. It doesn’t mean that my kids have to be the best, but they have to make a commitment; they have to make an effort. My oldest son is busy with music (singing and piano), athletics (biking, swimming and soccer – but not all at the same time!) and, of course, school. He knows that school comes first. My youngest is busy being a tag-along but starting to think about activities outside of school; his years of opportunities are quickly coming up.

When summer comes, it is important that my boys maintain that balance between fitness, music and academics – but not necessarily in that order. The two are always outdoors running around and riding their bikes (Number Two rode around the circle for the first time this weekend!) and they love to race me home after my runs; as soon as we’re indoors, Number One heads for the piano – seriously, I can’t turn him off. During the summer months, it is the academics, the growth and development of brain cells through reading, that is such a challenge.

For the past few years, we participated in the local library’s summer reading program. While it is still a motivator, the novelty of it has started to wear off. So, when Allie at No Time For Flash Cards announced her First Annual Summer Reading Challenge, I knew my boys would be hooked. It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s a fabulous way to promote literacy with your children.

So, go to Allie’s site now to check out this great program. Tell her I sent you. Happy Reading!!

No Time For Flash Cards Summer Reading Challenge.

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  1. I have a fourteen year old daughter who is just like the student that you mentioned. She plays sax, runs track & plays b-ball, and she is an honor student! The good thing about kids being active and busy…there is no time to get into trouble:) You are right, it is all about balance and staying happy!

  2. I will have to jump over and check it out. My daughter is a book consumer! She literally has several going at one time (she is 8 going 9). I was worried that she wasn't retaining anything reading that way, until I read one and we talked about it. She remembered details I did not. I am so happy that she has such a love of reading. I think everything else is made easier when kids find books a pleasure to read!

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