Toronto Women’s Only 5K

This Sunday is the second year that Toronto is hosting a women’s only 5K and I am stoked. I ran the event last year and really surprised myself with a 9th place overall finish and 2nd Master finish. Now, this is comparable to other races I’ve run, but this one was special. It wasn’t the firemen water station that is bringing me back or the chocolate station; it was running at the front of the pack, knowing that the only runners ahead of you are women. The entire time, I had a sense of euphoria that I have never experienced during a race; it was exhilarating.

I was committed to running the race again this year and contemplated running the half-marathon. By the time I was ready to register, that part of the race had sold out (it must have been the firemen station that resulted in the early sell-out) and had to settle for running the 5K. However, this turned out to be a stroke of good luck as I am still not back in half-marathon shape. I think I’m ready for the 5K, though, and am really hoping to hold the same position that I had last year.

I write “think” as this past week of running has been tough. It’s been hot on 3 of my 4 runs and I’ve had my youngest with me on 2 of them, all resulting in slower times. But that may be a good thing. The heat training may make running on a cooler Sunday morning a piece of cake; I’m suddenly dropping 65 pounds of baby jogger baggage (sorry, Number Two) and that has to be good for something. So, perhaps I am more ready than I think.

Race goals:
To finish between 22:00 and 22:30.
To find that last bit of extra that seems to escape me somewhere in the last 100 metres.

Race wishes:
To finish top 10
To finish one of top 3 Masters.

What are your goals for your next race?

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  1. I love all women races. Too bad they are few and far between. I love your goals. I'm predicting a top 5 finish and a 22:05 finish time. No pressure though Cynthia…i just think the heat initially kills you but makes you stronger overall. Come Sunday morning, i'll be sending lots of fast race mojo your way!

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