Bragging Rights

3-2-1, the bell has rung,
Twenty-five minutes of fun, fun, fun….

This is the real reason that I am not running the half-marathon in Ottawa this weekend. I wanted to but it also just happened to be the same weekend that Number One had his final choir concert of the year. In January, when I realized the dates coincided, I quickly planned to run the Women’s Only race in Toronto tomorrow instead; that way, we both had something special going on.

And, here I am, five months later, and it was my oldest’s big day. Not only was it his final concert but he also had the opportunity to read his winning poem, 3-2-1, which was set to music by his choir director and performed by the choir. Here he is, practising before the afternoon performance (and since camera equipment is forbidden at all concerts, this is the best picture I’m going to get). At the end of the concert, he read to an audience of a few hundred – something I don’t think I could have easily done when I was 9 years old! The smile on his face at the end (and let’s hope the media got a picture of that for me) is one that I will remember for years and years.

Now the show is over and, tomorrow morning, Daddy, the boys and I will be heading into the city at 7:30 for Mom’s big race. Hopefully, the boys will have something to brag about too!

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  1. Sending you good luck for the big race:)

    My daughter had several concerts this year. It is so fun to see how they improve over time:)

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