Bread and Honey 5K

The Bread and Honey Race is a well-established race in Streetsville, Ontario. Originally, it began as a 15K run but, due to the demand for more 5K’s, the event now has the two distances. I first ran the race in 1989 when it was 15K race (and I honestly don’t remember a thing about it – other than being a hilly course and running relatively well); I returned today for the first time since then to run the 5K course.

Quite honestly, I expected not to run well today. This is a course that tends to attract elite runners (and, yes, many were there) and triathletes who are looking for a quick road race on a non-tri weekend. After a sleepless night, a result of pre-race jitters, strong winds, heavy rains and clingy 4 year old who calls me “Mommy”, I was tempted not to go. But, I also knew that I’ve had a great recovery after being sick, so the distance was not an issue, I love hills (and the course had many gently rolling), and I didn’t want to be a lousy role model to the two teenage boys whom I use to coach and were running with me this morning. So after saying good-bye to my own two boys and a tired daddy, and being told by my oldest to run fast and cautioned not to slip, I headed out into the cold, wet rain.

Now, there was something biblical about this Sunday morning: the race was named “Bread and Honey” and water was everywhere. We runners desperately needed some form of intervention to stop the rain. From the time we arrived, when it was already bad, until we started to run, it got worse. In fact, at the 4K point, I was certain that my water-heavy Running Skirt was going to end up around my ankles. I grabbed onto the waistband for a minute just to make sure it wasn’t dropping too far down.

Of the four of us running – an 11 and 14 year old, their dad and me – I was the last to finish. But, I had an amazing run. I ran my first mile in 6:57 and finished the 5K in 21:48! I finished as 7th place female – 2nd age group – and took home another plaque.

I was hoping to break the 22 minute barrier by the end of the summer but, now, I’m thinking that getting below 21 minutes might be doable. It looks like I’ll be adding some Yasso’s to my training – especially after Hubby commented (with good intentions, I think) about being 20 seconds short of the first division place. grrrr.

Unlike most of my races, neither of my own boys were with me – physically. But, on the way home, I got a phone call from my 9 year old.

#1: Hi, Mom. How did you run?
Me: Great!
#1: And, what was your time?
Me: 21:48, 7th place female.
#1: Really? I can’t find the results online yet.

Now, that’s support. Yup, I’ll be chasing that sub-21 – and I think I know just the guy to help me do it.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Awesome 5K. You are fast and I'm sure you can break 21 mins this summer. Great goal to have.

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