Two Down, One to Go

This has two meanings for me tonight. It refers to the number of races that I have planned for June; it also means the number of boys that I have left at home.

Let me begin with the latter. My youngest son finished school this week so my husband took next week as one of his holiday weeks to play Daddy Daycare. However, a few weeks ago, Daddy suddenly thought it would be great if the two of them went to Florida to visit Grandma instead of hanging out around the house. Sure! Now Grandma gets to look after Number Two. It means, though, that I don’t have to leave the house each morning with a child crying that he wants to come to school with me and I don’t have to return home each night to a sink full of dishes. So, off they went today and, man, is it quiet around here with just one child.

And, it will certainly be strange as I head off for a 5K race this weekend with only one child. Since I’ve returned to the racing scene, the boys have been at every event with me – or they have wished me luck on my way out the door and waited anxiously for me to get back home with a race story. On Sunday, our local hospital has its annual 5K run, and a 1K Fun Run for kids. Skipper and I are going, and each of us are planning to run.

As I’m trying to build mileage, I probably shouldn’t be running this race. However, this is my town and the race means a lot to me. It was the first one I did when I started racing again and I like to compare my times from one year to the next. Last year, I finished as one of the top three Masters and we were within 4 seconds of each other. This year, I am running faster so I should be able to PB on the course. I’m hoping that I can also hold onto one of the Master’s spots; anything can happen, depending on who else is running.

Skipper is using the 1K Fun Run as his Kids Running For Kids Virtual Race to benefit Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Remember to take pictures of your kiddos as they run and let me know that you’re participating.

What are your race plans for Father’s Day weekend?

3 Replies to “Two Down, One to Go”

  1. Daddy should have Number Two give you a “good luck” phone call before the race.

    I love your reasoning for doing a race that you admit you probably shouldn't. I have a similar conflict with our hometown triathlon.
    Of course you'd feel guilty if you skipped it in the name of training.

    Good luck, you have some high expectations given last year's race results.

  2. Enjoy your race! I bet you'll rock it!
    I was toying with a F'day 10k I'v done for the past 2 years but need to build for Chicago. Plus it's hot and rainy so I may pass.

  3. Race strong Cynthia! That is just too cool that your kiddo's like to run and do races too. Good family bonding right there! As for your honey and your other kiddo in Florida…uugh, soooo hot and humid! Blah. Hopefully grandma lives near a beach??? or lake?? to cool off at.

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