Day One – Virtual Race for Kids

Today is the first day of the Virtual 1K Run and Skipper is doing his part tomorrow. Now, Skip hasn’t raced yet this year; he just hasn’t wanted to and I haven’t pushed it. Today, though, he suddenly got excited about his run, so excited that he is sleeping with last year’s medal under his pillow for good luck.

Skipper first ran this event when he was 5 years old. I will never forget running the first 100 metres with him – and he was running just fine. Without any warning, though, he stopped in his tracks and looked like he was going to cry. Now, he had just come off his steroids after brain surgery a few weeks earlier, but I wasn’t about to let him quit that quickly. I grabbed his hand and we ran a bit further, and he stopped again. This time, his school principal cheered him on and, of course, he ran for his principal. Who wouldn’t? The rest of the 1K was off and on, but he finished. Last year, three years later, he finished in the top 10. Tomorrow, he is hoping to run equally well. Only time will tell.

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Send in your pictures for the Kids Running for Kids Virtual Race. I’ll post them as I get them.

Happy Father’s Day!


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