Wacky Wednesday

Today is definitely Wacky.

First, the cyber gods are making it difficult for me to post. No matter what I did, I kept ending up with an enormous font and bold text – not an easy read. So, here I am starting over, hoping that this might work.

Secondly, we had an minor earthquake in parts of Ontario and Quebec. I have to say teeny because I did not feel it. At 1:45, when it was reported to have occurred, our students were either going to recess or coming into the school to eat. Hmmm. Tremors just happened to occur when approximately 800 pairs of legs were simultaneously heading towards the playground or food. No wonder I didn’t feel it.

The final word: I had planned to run after Skipper’s soccer practice tonight but Mother Nature intervened again. This time, we have tornado warnings.

Seriously, two acts of nature in one day? Did we do something wrong? Is there a subliminal message being delivered to the leaders at the Summit in Toronto? Now, what will tomorrow bring?

p.s. He, my little guy who smiled at me on Monday, smiled again yesterday when I walked into his classroom. We have bonded. Running is so powerful; it brings young and old together; not too many things are able to do that.

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  1. You should do this with all of your posts (minus the wacky font). It is fun to see the evolution of the thought and editing process.

    Remember, acts of nature occur in 3's. Hopefully the final act is a nice tailwind during your next race.

    Very cool that you had a positive follow-up with the little boy.

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