Letter from My Man

Last night, I finally made the big decision about running a fall marathon, the Road2Hope on November 7th in Hamilton, Ontario. Months ago (okay, in April, so not too long ago), my reincarnated running husband talked about running the Hamilton marathon and, being the supportive wife that I am, I decided to plan for a different event. But, that was before pneumonia hit and I lost about 2 months of training. Meanwhile, my husband has been running on and off, but he hasn’t been taking it too seriously – or so I thought. And, last night, after I posted and went to bed, he read my blog and sent me this:

Yes…. I can just hear it now.
Um… Mr. Race Director, I know I have plenty of experience doing race pre-registrations, but I need a second opinion on this one. This woman in Oakville signed up at the end of August for the marathon. Now there’s a guy, I’m guessing it’s her husband, and he now has decided that he wants to run the marathon (yes, I know it’s a little late but he’s determined) but this woman has taken the last spot.

So I need to know if HE can take HER place as an entrant, or can we simply just register 3001 runners this year ?

Wait….. Hmm, that was that the woman from Oakville, and she was telling me that now that have babysitting issues resolved, she would REALLY like to push for the 2nd option so that they can run the race together. What do you think I should do ?

And so, the fate of their next 14 and a half years together was sealed when it was decided by the Run4Hope race committee that we will bend the rules this time; so that this guy can watch his wife slowly pull away from him at the 17 mile mark.

But they both finished strongly, and that’s all that matters.

Now, here I am in rainy Oakville and my husband, who is currently hundreds of miles away in sunny Florida, is virtually keeping up with me. We’ve connected through e-mail, Daily Mile and, now it seems, my blog. We’ve tried the phone but we keep missing each other. Don’t you love the Internet?

Oops, I was wrong. He still does want to run. Houston, we have a problem. Do we run together or do I rethink my goal? He picked Hamilton first so I might just give in; after all, fair is fair. What a great problem to have.

However, if we do run together (are you reading this, honey?) I do plan to pull away much earlier than the 17 mile mark. Love only goes so far.


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  1. You're RIGHT – you DO have a great problem. My wife has decided that she wants to run a half marathon when she has our baby…I can't wait to have to worry about this too!

  2. Love that post. Very jealous that your spouse is also part of your running experience. My wife thinks I'm nuts, and some days I think she might be right. Holding out hope that I can convince my kids to get into running soon.

  3. My fave marathons (besides Boston) were the one's I ran with my honey. Now I just wish he would start running again. Like you said, great problem to have. By the way, my husband has never beat me in a marathon. He's gotten close though.

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