Move Over, Mom

My youngest has been away with Daddy, visiting Grandma in Florida for the past ten days. Obviously, a piece of my heart went with him because look at what he is doing: running in a race.

On Saturday morning, the plan was my husband, son and mother-in-law were to go to Quiet Waters Park (I think that’s a real name) for a 5K race and a Kids’ Run. After realizing that the heat was too much for him, Daddy decided not to register for the 5K. But my little munchkin is passionate about running. He wanted to run the race anyway; he wanted to “run fast and win.”

So, being a really good daddy, Hubby got up at 5:00 a.m. to drive an hour so that our little road rat could run his race. He had no idea what the distance was going to be; when he got there, he was given the choice of 200 metres or a mile. Being my son, he ran the mile.

And, our 4 1/2 year old made us proud. The heat didn’t phase him, and he ran off and on for the mile. He’ll be bringing home a medal tomorrow night. Now, I better go register him for the Kids’ Race on Canada Day; I have a feeling that he’s going to want to run that one too! Nice work, little man!

I think his medal is bigger than any of mine; just what any 4 year old needs to know: size is important.

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  1. That is so great! I am so jealous of his desire to run at such a young age. My daughter just ran a mile with her daddy. she did it but didn't love it or him afterward…until later when she confused a “feeling” that she wasn't sure of….how proud she felt of herself when she was done! There is hope yet!!!

  2. OMG he is sooo cute!
    Hey come race the Barrie Canada Day race. My daughter is running the 1K and I am doing just the 5K since I am running the Tim Horton Peachbud 10K tonight in Grimbsy….I though forsure you would be running that one since its towards your end of town (sort of…LOL)
    Happy running!

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