I’m Going Places

Suzy at Running On My Time tagged me last week with the “I’m Going Places” award. So, now I have to think about what I’ll be doing in ten years time.

Quite honestly, this scares me. Recently, I’ve been thinking about turning 50 in the next few years; in ten years time, I’ll be thinking about turning 60. I can’t imagine being 60. But I can imagine what I might be doing ten years from now.

1. I’ll worry about my boys. That’s me, the mother. Skipper will be 19 and starting his career path (I hope) through post-secondary schooling, an apprentice program or working. Who knows where our society will drive our children to find jobs? My other son will just be starting high school and I will hope that he make mostly right choices as he goes through those years. I will not be pushing the baby jogger anymore!

2. I will worry about my parents who will be in their eighties.

3. I will be going to work every day while my then-retired husband will be home doing the cleaning and gardening. I will be looking at my pension very carefully to see how much longer I really have to work.

4. I will continue to volunteer in my community. This year, I realized that I volunteer a lot: soccer coach, assistant soccer coach, Sunday School teacher, Children’s Choir, and all of the extras that I do at school. I love volunteering because it gives kids opportunities and it allows me the chance to see kids in more social settings.

5. In ten years, I will have all of my boys’ big, colourful plastic toys out of the house, and I will have finally replaced the old couch with something for “big people”.

6. I will take a holiday, paid for with the money made by selling those plastic toys, with my family. Going on a real vacation hasn’t been something we’ve been able to do with the boys yet. When we’re older, we will travel in North America. I’d love to go to the territories.

7. I will be better with photography. This has become a hobby of mine over the past few years but I don’t really have the time to practise what I learn. As my boys get older and more independent, I’ll have more time to try new things; at least, I can only hope to have more time.

8. In ten years, I will still be working out – either running or otherwise. I will get back into cycling again so a duathalon might be in the works. I worry that my passion for running will not be able to keep up with my aging body; look at the number of over 50 women who are running now.

9. I’ll still be arguing with my husband about getting rid of the box of medals in the basement. Wait! In 10 years, I’ll be arguing with my husband and sons about getting rid of that box of medals.

10. I’ll still be wondering what to do with the extra race t-shirts that I haven’t already given away because I love them too much but really don’t need them.

So, now I get to pass this award onto other bloggers. Where will you be in ten years time?

Angie B.
Miss Zippy

4 Replies to “I’m Going Places”

  1. Saw this in Runner's World a while back: http://www.medals4mettle.org/.
    I might ask if we can do something similar for the Peds patients at the hospital where i work.

    T-shirts are great for rags or cut into strips to tie up plants in our garden.

    You have plenty to look forward to, and I'm sure an enjoyable decade awaits.

    And hey! 60 is the new 50. Don't sweat it.

  2. I have most of my race medals in 2 big shoe boxes in the hall closet but i do have a neat idea on how to display them without spending lots of cash. Also, you should seriously consider having a running quilt made with all of your race t-shirts. That's what I'm saving all of mine for. Our bedroom armoire is filled to the gills with all the race t-shirts i will eventually box up and send to be quilted.
    Ok, thanks for the tag. I will get on it this week. Lots to think about 10 years down the road.

  3. I wasn't clear. I keep wanting to get rid of the medals I have but my husband won't let me. Really, what am I going to do with them? Now, there is a topic to write about.

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