What a Difference 60 Pounds Can Make.

For a while, I’ve been thinking about running the Acura 10 miler this coming Sunday in Toronto. But…. yes, there is always a but.

I’m out of shape. I was in shape – until mid-April when I got sick. Then, I spent weeks recovering and am just recently starting to feel like myself again. While I have been running again, those awesome 25K long runs have not been happening. In fact, the longest I’ve run since April 19th is 8 miles, and I only did that once.

Deciding whether I should run this race, then, has been difficult. In theory, I should be able to run and finish, no matter what. In reality, if I don’t run respectfully well, I’ll get mad at myself. So, I had to test myself first.

A longer run (8 miles) last Sunday was out of the question; I was racing on Thursday and didn’t want to mess that up. So, I planned to run 6 miles this Saturday, followed by 8 miles on Sunday.

Of course, runs don’t always end up the way we planned. Daddy was working on Saturday so I had both boys with me, my youngest in the jogger. Now, in case you forgot, he was away for 12 days so this was the first run I did with him in almost three weeks; it was hot, windy and he is definitely growing. But, I did it.

Yesterday, it was just Skipper and me, heading out at 3:00 in the afternoon when the humidex was at 38C (or 98.6F, according to my handy dandy temperature conversion chart). But Number Two had a meltdown when he realized we were leaving him behind with Daddy so I did what any good mother would do; I strapped him into the jogger. It didn’t seem like that bad an idea; it meant we could pack a few extra water bottles in the jogger.

Four miles into the run, I realized that it was a bad idea. It was too hot, my shoulder was killing me from pushing the jogger and I was miserable. Had I been alone, I would have kept going, but I had my boys with me; I had to get them home. I abandonned my run and walked home.

This morning, I headed out alone at 7:30; starting temperature was 28C (humidex 32C). It was just as hot and sunny as yesterday, but I was able to get through 8.4 miles. The only difference was I didn’t have to push a 40 pound child and 1.5 litres of water in a 22 pound machine; it was just me. Sure, I had to walk a bit but I would have anyways because that was only my second 8 mile run since April.

By the time I got home, about an hour later, the humidex was right back up to 38C and I downed a litre of water. Then, it hit me. I am in shape. If I can do that today, after bailing yesterday and running 6 miles the day before, then I am ready for Sunday’s race.

Tonight, I just made the cut-off for online registrations as I registered for Sunday’s 10 miler. For me, it won’t be a race; it will be a training run. If the winds blow the right way, anything can happen.

5 Replies to “What a Difference 60 Pounds Can Make.”

  1. Thank goodness the additional 60 pounds are temporary!

    10 miles is a very fun distance.
    I think I saw the words “training run” so I hope the race atmosphere alone pushes you to another age group or master's award.

  2. Good for you for signing up. I always have a tough time racing when I'm not in shape, so I think you are courageous for getting to the start line. Hopefully it's the start of getting back to where you want to be!

  3. I had a hard run yesterday because of this heat wave we are having and it was at the gym (their air was not working well). I am also running the Acura 10 Miler on Sunday and I have run the distance but not in a race so I am a bit nervous. Hopefully I will see you there….well I will see you running away from me….LOL….you have great times and you can definately do the 10 Miler!

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