Out with the Old, In With the New

Yesterday, I realized that my running shoes did not need replacing this week; I needed new ones last week. It took a 6 mile mid-morning run in almost 100F humidity with Skipper on his bike and Little Ironman in the jogger for brilliance to shine. I was shuffling (for a few brief moments, I envisioned what I might look like 10 years from now) and pushing my 60 pound weightload, complaining to myself about how out of shape I am, and then it hit me: I need new shoes now!

So, today, after the boys went swimming, I dragged them downtown to the Running Room to pick up a new pair of shoes. Usually, I’m really impressed with the sales help at the Running Room; today, though, I was not. Shouldn’t it be obvious when a woman drags two little boys into a retail store and heads straight to the shoe wall that she is on a mission? Instead, the woman who came in after me, who was looking for “runners” – and she did state that she hadn’t bought a new pair in years – was more important. Then, there were the two other ladies who were out together for afternoon shopping (browsing) who managed to get the sales people’s attention.

Me? I was left to my own devices. I asked for a pair of shoes, I tried them on, I asked for another pair… The cycle continued. I ran around the store chasing my Little Ironman; so much for telling my boys that they can’t run in stores. (And, by the way, that didn’t even raise an eyebrow.)

In the end, I decided to give up my Asics and try Saucony for the next few months. Once, I put the shoes back in the box, the sales chick asked, “The Asics didn’t work out for you?”
“Do you really care?” I was tempted to ask, but I didn’t.

Once the others had cleared the store, I asked the sales guy if I could look at the Garmin. Finally, I had someone’s attention. I guess it takes a $400 watch rather than a $100 pair of shoes to do that. I tried a few on – the FR60 and 310 – and asked questions about the 110, which was out of stock. When I gave back the watches, he asked, “So, did you want the 310?” Really? A garmin is not an impulse purchase, and I definitely wouldn’t get one after just looking at them for 5 minutes, especially when my two guys are closely attached to me. And, I did tell him that.

The next time I go looking for running shoes, I’m starting at the Garmin shelf. Then, I will hopefully get the help that I need.

Phew, I’m glad I got that off my chest.

The Last Word: After shoe shopping, I took my boys to our favorite bakery, just a block away from the Running Room. They picked out 4 cupcakes and a dozen cookies. I know at least one of them will want to get some exercise in soon – and, then, I can try out my new Saucony’s.

4 Replies to “Out with the Old, In With the New”

  1. Blah, that is annoying about the cust service there. But, I guess everyone has bad days.

    My advice would be to get a Garmin 305 off of amazon. $150! 🙂

  2. Oh please ask her next time:
    “Yeah, but do you really care?” All smiles, delightful voice. It's worth it.

    And I actually enjoy being ignored when I bring the kids along.
    It's like, “OK saleslady, continue to ignore us as their path of destruction grows.”

    Hmmm, our running store has a bakery right next door also. With their delicious cupcakes right at the sales counter.
    I might just have to take the kids out to the running store tomorrow…

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