It’s All Starting to Fall in Place

A month ago, I sat here not really knowing where I was headed with my running. In my mind, I had a list of goals for the fall, a list of different 5K to half-marathon races that I wanted to select from, a marathon in mind, some time goals, a job and a family. In my mind, I worried that my big goal – the marathon – would slip through my fingers during the summer as my family would somehow get in the way.

That fear was justified. On April 1st, you may recall, I created a monster – my husband, the newest runner in the family. After racing 5K on Good Friday, he decided that he wanted to run a marathon in the fall and qualify for Boston. I didn’t laugh; I held my breath – for a long, long time. In mid-June, he announced that he still wanted to run Hamilton, which meant I would have to pick an earlier race; I held my breath and bite my tongue. Last week, he finally made the decision that he would run a half-marathon in the fall and support me in my goal of running Hamilton’s Road2Hope; I let out a long, long sigh.

Now that my big goal is in place, I’ve selected a few key races to use to prep for Hamilton. My first is The Chocolate Race; last year, I finished 2nd overall in the 14K simultaneous run and hope to run positionally again this year. A week later, I’m running the Labour Day 10K at home – and I have a time goal for that one; speedwork and tempo runs should take me there. I am no longer running the half-marathon in Toronto at the end of September as my husband hates driving into the city; like my waterboys, I have to keep the driver happy so I changed locations to small-town St. Catherine’s for its half-marathon.

The tough part is to figure out where to fit in my long runs on race weeks. Right now, I foresee running 20 miles early in the morning after the Labour Day 10K, the morning of the first day of school; teachers never, ever sleep the night before school starts anyway so I may as well take advantage of that time.

So, now I have a definitive plan. I have focus. My training is mapped out for the next 102 days; I haven’t been this determined or dedicated with my running in a long, long time. Life is good.

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  1. I'm the exact same way. I really like having a set plan. In fact, not having a plan for 2011 is already starting to bother me!! (maybe I have a wee bit of a problem.)

  2. Just by laying out a plan, you are half way there. I like doing those 20-milers at some unexpected, weird time during the day/week. For some reason, it makes the experience less dreaded and more enjoyed. If running 20 miles can actually be enjoyable!

  3. We know you've been discussing your breathing problems with the doctor. You might want to share that 2nd paragraph with him. I think you've pinpointed the root cause.

    Your husband will probably enjoy the half more than the full anyways. Your schedule now looks great on paper, can't wait to see how it plays out.

    Oh, and I read your excellent Chocolate Race Report (you may want to go back and revise the Labels on that one, they got smooshed together). I hope they implement some of the improvement opportunities you observed. And please take a few pictures!

  4. When you have a plan in place everything just seems right. Someone once told me that if you want to get something done, and get it done right, give it to someone who is busy. Sounds like your busy, but you are getting it all done.
    Now, running 20 miles on the first day back to school, if I mentioned to Darla that we should go for a long run on the first day of classes, I think she would throw me out of the house.

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