Faster than the Wind

I had to trick myself into running last night. Normally, this isn’t something I have to do but yesterday I was tired – not overly tired but I didn’t feel like running all that much. I had a surprisingly fast 8 miler on Thursday morning and, yesterday, I felt it. With a long run planned for Sunday, I really didn’t want to run today; I knew I had to drag myself into the great outdoors.

So, I pulled one of my running tricks out of the bag. In the morning, when outlining the day with my boys, I told them that I needed to run around 5:00. Immediately, my two little ass-kickers went into action. “Great,” said Skipper, “because I want to ride my bike!” Then, Little Ironman also chimed in, “And, I’m going to run at the end.”

That was all I needed to do. At 5:00, Skipper reminded me that it was time to go and LI ran to fill up his water bottle. The three of us headed out and got “our” 5 miles in.

During the last mile, Skipper commented that there didn’t seem to be much wind. That was really unusual at that time of day because the last main drag we travel turns into a bit of wind tunnel between 4:00 and 6:00. I noticed it too, and I wasn’t complaining.

Last night, when checking The Weather Network, I decided to see what the wind speed was when we ran: 9km/hr. No wonder we didn’t notice it! We were running at about a 13km/hr pace. So, now we can proudly claim that we are faster than the speed of wind!

This, of course, has led LI has turned himself into a new Superhero. I can only imagine what name he’ll come up with.

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  1. I love that your kids are old enough to ride along with you! I can't wait for those days. I think the training wheels need to come off of Punky's bike first though. Way to go on this morning's 13.5. I hope you didn't get a blister. It feels wonderful to get those long runs in.

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