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Last week marked the first 30+ mile week in my training since mid-April and my legs are feeling it! I know I’ve been pushing myself and I’ve been trying new things (new shoes, new asthma meds) ; put together, they were inspiring me to run.

At 5:00 a.m., though, I suddenly didn’t feel like running today. Skipper and I had planned to run the same 13.5 mile route that we did last week and we wanted to pick up the pace. Last night, he even sent himself to bed at 9:00 so that he could get up at 6:30 this morning to join me.

Ninety minutes earlier, though, Little Ironman woke up – and he showed no indication of wanting to go back to sleep. By 6:00, I realized that my run was going to have to wait. So, I didn’t wake up Skipper because I really didn’t want to leave an upset little brother behind with a tired daddy. However, at 7:15, Skipper came charging into the kitchen, yelling at me for letting him sleep in. When I told him that I’d have to wait for tomorrow to run because LI was up, he quickly found some of his favorite toys for his little brother to play with, put the television on his favorite station and promised to play with him when we got back. This week, there were no tears from Little Ironman; his big brother is awesome.

Skipper and I headed out shortly after. By 4 miles, I thought about turning around but I focused on my little pace bunny ahead of me and kept going. At the 7 mile mark, I challenged us to make it back to his old school in 25 minutes; it took 26 (and that, by the way, was a really good estimate when I wasn’t entirely sure of the distance). The next goal was to get to the corner store – the famous one that sells water and Aero chocolate bars – in 11 minutes; we got held up by, not one but, two trains. The last mile was uphill and I wanted to finish my run in 1:40 so I was driven; it was 1:40:23! That sub 1:40 half at the end of the month is definitely looking doable.

But (there’s always a but) that was my running time. Skipper’s watch (we’re low-tech here) showed total time, which was 1:50. Still, that’s ten minutes faster than last week:)

When we got home, Little Ironman was dressed and ready to go for his bike ride. How could I say “No” to that.? The three of us headed out together but, this time, I wasn’t running.

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