Wacky Wednesday

My oldest son has this horrible habit of sitting on his knees. Now that he is getting older, he is butt-flat more often than not but, being a kid, he still needs reminders.

His grade 3 teacher did not tolerate “butts in the air” from any of her class. She was known to ask “Do you have a pimple on your bum?” to some unsuspecting child who would meekly answer “no”, only to be told to sit on the chair properly. Skipper was often a part of such a conversation.

Now, before I go any further, I am going to remind you that Skipper has been riding his bike with me for years; he started in grade one. By the time he was in grade 3, six miles rides were common.

One day, he sat in class, on his knees, butt-up in the air.

Teacher: Skipper, do you have a pimple on your bum?
Skipper: Actually, I do. It’s a sweat pimple from all of the bike riding I do.

He was never asked again.

Maybe, just maybe, they’ll come out with Anti-Monkey Butt Powder for Kids.

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