Writing Contest for Charity

A few weeks ago, I submitted a paper to Weight in Vain, who was hosting a writing contest “What Cause Motivates You To Run?” Of course, I had to enter, hoping to win the first prize – $100 – for SickKids Hospital in Toronto.

Please, take the time to head over to Weight in Vain by clicking here to read submissions. Once there, click on Chicago and that will take you to the 250 word essays. There are 10 great posts about a good variety of contests. Mine is #4: SickKids Hospital.

To vote, click on the Yellow Circle, click on “Return to Poll” and the Poll Daddy screen “Which is your favorite….” opens. That’s where you vote. I know; it’s a bit complicated. Hopefully, Number 4 will be your favorite and your vote will be in my favour:)

Feel free to share the word and thanks for participating.

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  1. I wrote you a little comment on my blog, but I wanted to let you know your essay is beautiful. Thanks for the instructions on how to vote, because I don't think I could have figured it out otherwise. We will get the word out so you can win that prize for SickKids.

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