The Past Six Months

Holy Jumping Doodles, Batman! She’s crossed the 500 mile mark! There’s no stopping her now!

Get ready: this is a total and complete brag rag.

Yup, that’s me. Somehow, the mileage suddenly crept up and I’m at 511. According to Daily Mile, since the middle of February, my monthly miles are:
February – 33
March – 103
April – 59
May – 38

June – 58

July -109
August – 30

I bet you can tell when I had pneumonia, can’t you?
And, now, as I’m looking at this, I’m totally impressed with myself for already being at 30 miles for August. With a few key races coming up and a marathon not too far away, I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be a great fall for running. I think the Black Eyed Peas needs to rewrite their song for me.

Other great things have happened in my running world this week. On Tuesday, I took the boys out for my 6k run in the middle of the hot and humid afternoon. Clearly, I was not thinking. However, it was certainly worth it! While walking back home (we always finish about 1K from the house so that I can walk and “cool” down), I was whistled at by some roofers. Seriously! Forty-something me with one child on his bike and another in the jogger! Perhaps the heat was getting to them (the roofers) but I’ll take a whistle when I can!

And, today, I experienced awesomeness not once, but twice, again. I went solo and turned up one of my favorite running hills to discover pavers! Ughh! But, I did not let up the pace. As I got closer, the guy with the broom (okay, it wasn’t really a broom but, like I said, I was running uphill and hard) stopped and played marshall; he waved at the roller driving guy to stop and signalled to the bobcat to back up. My path was cleared!! But, it got better. Two miles later, at an advanced green, both cars wanting to turn into my path (one left and the other right) waited for me to go first. That rarely happens – especially at that light where I’ve had cars try to cut me off when I have the jogger! Today was a day of right of way for me! Awesome!!

I’ve gotta feeling…..

P.S. Thanks for the Garmin feedback. I’ve decided on the 305. Another great thing coming my way:)

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  1. Woohoo….great job getting back!
    I have the 304 and I love what it does and can do but I do find it heavy and bulky on my tiny wrist. I still haven't got completely use to that part of it yet. Hopefully soon!

  2. Great job on all of your running so far and you still have lots of months left to do some more damage.
    I love my Garmin 310 and I can tell you that I'm a no frills training kind of girl but after reading so many other bloggers rave reviews about their garmin's, I was sold. It's a great tool in my opinion. I believe the only dif btw 305 and 310xt is battery life btw charges and water proof.
    Became a fan of yours on FB!

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