Wacky Wednesday

It’s been an exciting summer for my Little Ironman. He’s learned to swim and ride on two wheels. Well, he still has training wheels but he has graduated to the big boy’s bike and that’s exciting for all of us. It won’t be long before he can keep up with me.

As I’m progressing through my marathon training, I’ve also spent more time on my bike – but my windtrainer. For the purpose of cross-training, though, it’s exactly what I need. I’m getting more cardio, strengthening my quads and other leg muscles, and it’s a stress outlet on days when I can’t get out for a run.

Now Little Ironman is becoming a bit of a bike expert. He’ll come into the basement with me when I ride and comment on the similarities between our bikes. He has training wheels; I have clamps. He has a cage for a small water bottle; mine holds a big water bottle. He has a hand brake and can pedal backwards, but I only have the hand brake.

Last week, when Skipper and Daddy went camping, LI and I headed into the basement in the evening so that I could ride. Forty-five minutes later:

Me: Wow, 45 minutes without having to stop. That’s pretty good. (Really, I was impressed that I didn’t have to stop to get him a toy, a drink, a snack….)
LI: How long?
Me: 45 minutes. Let’s see. I rode 13 miles in that time. Are you impressed?
LI: No, Mommy, you didn’t ride one mile. You didn’t go anywhere.

Smarty-pants! He was absolutely right!

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  1. LI is really on the mark. Don't hesitate to add another Wacky day to keep up with all of his material.

    I'm sure your body/mind appreciate the time on the bike and it's great the LI can occupy himself for 13 miles.

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