Daddy’s Shuffle

Tomorrow night (Thursday), the family is heading to Ward’s Island in Toronto for The Sunset Shuffle. This is a low-key event, with a maximum of 200 runners – likely because it is followed by a barbecue with beer, and beer is unheard of after Canadian races. shshshhh.

My husband and I first went to the race years ago because it supports Mount Sinai Hospital’s Sports Medicine Clinic, which treats hundreds of runners each year. My former GP is the head of the clinic. Between my being a runner and his helping bring Skipper into the world, this was a race we had to support.

Skipper did this race with me when he was 6 months old; Little Ironman also “ran” it with me when he was 18 months. I’ve also done it alone twice and my husband has helped marshall. This is definitely an event that we feel that we have bonded with.

When my husband decided that he wanted to run the 6K (no, that is not a typo; the run is six kilometres) this summer, we worked it into our training schedules. Last week, for whatever reason, he convinced me that I should also run the 6K (I think he’s hoping for more hardware). Now we are both running and a friend will watch the boys- cheering loudly for us, of course.

The twist of fate came last night when Hubs came home complaining about his pulled hamstring. His big event is a half-marathon in two weeks and he doesn’t want to sacrifice tomorrow for that. As of this morning, it seems that I will be the only one running. But, the race is called The Sunset Shuffle. Who knows? Perhaps he will feel like shuffling.

We’ll see how he feels in the morning. If nothing else, he gets to escape to the Island for the evening, eat hamburgers and drink beer. If he runs, he might even have two. Which two do you think I mean?

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  1. That sounds like a very cool race as long as you don't pull up at the 5K mark out of habit.

    Hopefully your husband put some ice on the hammy and feels fine for the race. I'm sure the kids would prefer cheering for BOTH of you, shuffling or otherwise.

    Good luck and watch out for bandits (free beer!).

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